Aagee is an extremely powerful Weegee God that has control over life and death and can blast both fatal and ressurecting beams from his eyes. He gave[[1]] his power. Aagee is [[2]] youngest son and [[3]] and [[4]] brother. He is stronger than [[5]] and was supposed to be the ruler of the ['Gees Galaxy|United 'Gees Galaxy]. When he was young, he accidentally teleported to an abandoned planet and grew up there, so [[6]] was elected as ruler until he was surpassed by [[7]] and [[8]]. Eventually Aagee formed the Aagee Galaxies and currently lives there.


  • Deadly eye beams
  • Transformation (into everything but Pureegee, Chroneegee, and Galaxeegee)
  • Minor Galaxy Creation
  • Invincibility to non-god attacks
  • Ressurecting eye beams