Gabe is a warrior who has four forms. He wields the Zantetsuken and is "allies" with various people.

Gabe Issac Fredrick Daniel Fazbear
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Gabe, in his armor
Vital statistics
Title The child of Foxy - Grand warrior
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Traveling Planets
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Fazbear's Pizzeria, various locations.

Backstory Edit

Gabe was once an empty shell, who was created when a shard of Sephiroth's soul was absorbed into him. He was an orphan.

When he was the age of three, he visited Fazbear's Pizzeria and was almost killed by Freddy and the Gang. However, due to the young age of Gabe, and how he liked the animatronics, it somehow got to Freddy, and so he didn't kill him, instead, he let Foxy raise him. Foxy then took care of Gabe and raised him as one of "them", when he turned 6, he learned how to kill people, and got his first sword, the Zantetsu. When he was eight, he got a new form, Cronus, which was based on his "original" form, aka, before his empty shell. At the age of nine, Cronus was sent to the Great Fanon Universe with Neeree and Professor Tree. At the age of ten, Gabe got his new sword, Zantetsuken, which was an upgrade of the Zantetsu that appeared out of nowhere. Throughout the ages of 10-12, he killed people, got the power to summon Sephiroth and Cronus and got his Guardian.

Current Life Edit

Gabe, still excepting the animatronics as a family, is a lone adventurer, who makes various friends. He has traveled to parallel universes (leaving variations of himself in those), and created Gabgee.

Bio Edit

Name: Gabriel Issac Frank Daniel Fazbear (originally unknown)

Age: 12

Height: 5'2

Weapon: Zantetsuken

Allies: Ragegee, Sora.

Family: Foxy (Father), ??? (Mother), Freddy (Uncle), Chica (Aunt), Bonnie (Uncle), Sephiroth (Form), Gabgee (Form), Cronus (Form), Guardian ("Brother").


Behind his armor, one of his arms, his right eye, and some of his back is machinery, making him about 6% robot.


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