A Map of PNF-404.

PNF-404 is a huge replica of what Earth will look like in a couple million years. It was created when a rocket containing a time machine and Professor Tree's Growth Ray crashed on to earth. It is a lot bigger than the actual earth, as a Human from the normal Earth is only the size of a Gamecube Memory Card on this planet. PNF-404 is also VERY far away from the real Earth, so Humans don't know it exists. The residents of HocotateKoppaiVillagerainia and Mythson visit here to gather treasure or food. Said residents don't know Earth exists, either. Since Oxygen is poisonous to Hocotatians/Koppaitites/Villagerainites/Mythsonians, and since the high amount of radiation is harmful to Neegees, everyone that goes here must wear a space suit. PNF-404 is located in the Great Fanon Universe.