Trolliverse logic is a theory Weegee Clone made. It is one of the theories on how the Trolliverse is/works compared to the real life universe. NOTE: This is unfinished as there is still debate going on that will help determine some of the thoughts of this theory:


The Trolliverse is a multiverse, however, it is not spaced the same way. In the real life universe, there are billions of galaxies, stretched out by millions of lightyears. In the Trolliverse, one can seemingly travel intergalactically or interuniversally in short times. This could be explained by a lack of space in some areas (such as orbiting galaxies or universes, or that gravity is simply weaker in the Trolliverse). Now, however, we get into something much more complex: How the heck does the energy work in the Trolliverse:


Well, let's get specific first. Let's look at the place with arguably the most energy, the United 'Gees Cluster. Many powerful characters and species live there, such as Weegees, Malleos, and Awheeos. They can seemingly travel through space, have massive fights, and a lot of things without two important problems happening:

1. Massive Fatique

2. Heat from Energy

The first part, "Massive Fatique," refers to the fact that using a lot of energy doesn't tire the characters out so easily. However, this can be explained. You see, when you do something like power up or use Ki blasts, some (or all) energy is "lost," or spread out. In a closed system, this would lead to heat and equal energy distribution after a time. The theory is that when the energy spreads out, many species adapted to reabsorb (a small portion) of that energy, thus increasing their reserve. Of course, their body knows when the reserve is full, otherwise it could get unstable/overflow/destroy the muscles. This would not only explain the lack of fatique, but also why there is no heat death yet. Of course, the rest of the Trolliverse doesn't do this, so what gives?

Well, the answer is, gods. Gods and precursors manage the amount of energy by either storing it and sending it to needed areas, or by adapting the species to absorb it. This doesn't always work, because once a species went extinct (aka the antbeecentipeatle).